How Social Media Is Changing Customer Service (And Why Big Brands Must Try Harder) [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do you do when you have a problem with a brand’s product or service?

You go online, right?

You’re not alone. Close to six in ten (57 percent) of customers search for a solution online before taking any further action, and they’re increasingly reaching for a brand’s social media outposts. Almost half of social media users (47 percent) have received customer care on a channel such as Twitter or Facebook, and 37 percent now prefer customer service through social media rather than by telephone.

But brands still have work to do. While 80 percent of Twitter users expect a response to a consumer service enquiry within a day, just 40 percent of tweets to the 25 largest online retailers are answered within 24 hours, and many are ignored altogether.

This infographic from The Connection takes a closer look at how social media is shaping customer service.

(Source: The Connection.)