Social CRM Startup Nimble Gets Funded By All-Star Team

TechCrunch is reporting that a group of investors including Mark Cuban, Jason Calacanis and Google Ventures are putting a lean $1M into Social CRM Startup Nimble.  Nimble, like Gist which was acquired by Research in Motion, is a software service that lets you unify all your customer contacts into one place so you can manage your relationships better.  This is the promise of CRM services, and Nimble seems to deliver.

The service breaks down into several key areas, and we’ll look at some of the key ones below.
Nimble’s contact management will let you plug in all your social networks and email services, like Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more and unify the profiles.  That means you can really see someone’s activity across networks at a glance.

Not only that, but the service gives you a unified inbox, within which you can look at every message that has come in from various contacts across networks at once.  The service’s clean interface makes this a usable experience, and if you’re the type of person who uses most of your networks in similar ways, it may be great to have it all on one dashboard.  If, however, you separate your networks to keep different contacts in each one, this may not be as useful for you.

Nimble also contains a powerful calendar and scheduling application that imports from Google Calendar and others, and allows you to assign tasks to the rest of your team withing Nimble.

Having been a longtime user of Yammer, I’m curious to check out the service more and see how it shakes out.  Yammer’s stream format made things simple for our small team, but for a larger team with various inter-related tasks it may be more challenging.

For more about the Nimble vision, check out the video below with Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara.