So, Windows Phone 7 = Vista, Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition = XP

History repeats itself! What do I mean? Keep reading. Take a look at this item over on ZDNet…

Microsoft shares more details on Windows Phone Starter Edition

So, what do we learn from the information in this article/interview?

– Windows Mobile 6 will be re-configured a bit and rechristened Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition
– Some phones using Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition will NOT have Office Mobile installed
– The ones that do will have the old (current) version of Office Mobile installed

What does this mean? For one, Windows Phone 7 may end up being the equivalent of Windows Vista (a real “winner”) with Windows Mobile 6.5 living on forever like Windows XP. And, what does this say about Microsoft’s confidence in their Zune-ified Windows Phone 7?