So Who Is Ellen Asmodeo?

ellenas.jpgSome additional info on the upcoming Wall Street Journal lifestyle magazine, WSJ.

Ellen Asmodeo has been named as publisher — which makes her the second name to join the masthead after new editor Tina Gaudoin. The last time we wrote about Asmodeo was back in 2006, when she left Travel + Leisure. Judging from the rumors that she massively overspent Travel + Leisure‘s travel expense account, Asmodeo might just be an expensive hire for News Corp.

After Travel + Leisure, Asmodeo served as president of brands for Louise McBain‘s LTB Media.

As for the magazine itself, circulation is set at 800,000 and limited newsstand copies will be available. However, there is no word as of yet on whether WSJ. will be behind the newspaper’s paywall or not.