So Not Spongeworthy


You remember Today Sponge, don’t you? The contraceptive so popular it drove a storyline in a “Seinfeld” episode? If you can believe it, that was was more ten years ago, so the folks at Allendale decided it was time for a new look. Caroline Tiger points us towards a frightening shift in the Sponge’s packaging:

Harrison said the company decided to replace the pink and white color design of the box with a hot fuchsia and red-wine-color combination. Also being replaced are the orchids on the old box with cartoon-like characters depicting what Harrison described as the “women of today.”

So, women of today–and you are looking damn fine by the way–kiss the inferred female genatalia of the orchids goodbye, but don’t worry; they’ve replaced them with that distinctive “birth canal” descender on the y, a gentle and helpful reminder should you forget where you left your sponge yesterday.