So, CRIT Founder, What Was Your Idea?


Yesterday we pointed you in the direction of CRIT, the SVA MFA (we love acronyms!) program’s design blog. We asked Steve Heller what he thought, and got his wham-bam response. And then we asked Clement Wu, who helped start it, why he had. We got an essay. To parse, he met a lot of cool people when he was trying to find a school and wanted to have a way for them to still be in touch. And it’s kinda awkward to be like “Dude, what’s your number?”. So the blog, say it with us now, brings everyone together. It’s. So. Sweet. Clement:

When Steve and I first talked about doing a blog for students, I had already researched various graduate programs and became really interested in how each school I looked into was so different from each other. I also spoke with students from different programs and thought, I might never see many of them again, which was a shame because they were so interesting.

I wrote in CRIT’s mission statement that we graduate students are a fellowship; as different as we all are individually, we have one big thing in common: our passion for design. Put me next to a design student on a long train ride, a student I’ve never met, and chances are we could probably spend the next few hours engrossed in conversation. The blog might be a version of that (but with alot more students.)

I see CRIT as many things: A place where students will come to engage in lively conversation about design issues, a place for us to see what’s going on in other programs and geographical areas we might not have the means to visit, a practical resource, and simply as a virtual lounge to hang out in. Remember in college, when you might head down to get a soda at the vending machine at night, and there’s a bunch of students playing foosball, and others on the couch, and you end up staying up to 4AM just talking? Maybe CRIT could also be something like that, in spirit, as well.

So that’s how we should have been making friends. Knew we forgot something.