Sniff Answers the Most Asked Question – Where are u?

snifflogo.jpgIf the idea of sniffing for your friends’ whereabouts sound fun to you, you might actually like a new mobile phone and Facebook application called Sniff. It’s a pretty simple service which answers the most asked question through text messages – “Where r u?”.

Sniff stands for Social Network Integrated Friend Finder. It’s not actually a social network, but a service which you can use through your social networks, more specifically with Facebook.

Sniff started out as a mobile phone service that tracks your friends’ whereabout through mobile phone network signals. What’s good about the service is the fact that you determine which of your friends can get into your mobile phone number. Hence only your chosen friends can sniff for your whereabouts.

To use the service, you just send a text message to 60506 with the message “now”, if you’re mobile carrier and the country where you are located is supported by Sniff. If you’re mobile carrier is supported you can start inviting friends to join you in your Sniff network of friends who can check for your whereabouts.

To Sniff for a friend’s whereabouts, just text “sniff” to 60506 plus your the name of the friend you want to locate and Sniff will send your their whereabouts.

For the social Facebook application, install it following the usual way and then select which among your Facebook friends can Sniff for your whereabouts.

Have fun Sniffing folks!