SNEAK PEAK: Washington Times New Website

Highlights of the website, as detailed by the paper, after the jump…

    News coverage, analysis and opinion from the nation’s capital and throughout the world that are not available elsewhere

    Multimedia presentations of the news through print, video and audio

    90 minutes of fresh new video every day

    Original video and audio programming produced daily in The Washington Times broadcast studio

    A website innovation, called the ‘Cube,’ presents a new way to navigate the news vertically by themes, in addition to traditional horizontal navigation by topics such as national, world, metro, entertainment.

    Vertical navigation with the Cube enables readers to dive deeper into stories

    400,000 horizontal entry points, or ‘news themes,’ into the web site

    Inside the Story and Inside the Beltway, new one-hour internet radio programs broadcast on wsRadio and also at

    Mobile platform distribution to a news consumer’s computer, video player

    Social networking opportunity for readers to congregate around the news and interact with one another

    Communities built around topics and hosted by ‘mayors’ who moderate the debate each day, with related sub-communities called neighborhoods

    The ability to ‘Ask a Question’ and receive answers from our extensive archive of news and information as well as from all others participating in the interactive experience