Snapchat’s New Advanced Mode Will Make Buying Ads Easier

All brands can use the tools to scale campaigns faster

Brands can build and scale their campaigns faster with Snapchat's new Advanced Mode.

Self-service ad buying on Snapchat is about to become a lot more robust with the messaging application’s release Friday of an Advanced Mode for its Ad Manager.

Much like what Facebook’s Power Editor does for brands using that platform’s Ads Manager, Advanced Mode will bring new features to Snapchat Ad Manager, giving brands more tools to build, manage and scale their campaigns faster and more efficiently.

Advanced Mode is rolling out to “select advertisers,” with a wider release set for later this month, and it will be open to all brands using Ad Manager at no additional cost.

Snapchat said in a blog post today that the new features included in Advanced Mode are:

  • An Audience Library, enabling advertisers to create lists of their favorite audiences on the messaging app and quickly launch future campaigns using those lists.
  • The ability to easily create “hundreds of permutations” of custom audiences and ad creative in order to test them and determine which combinations bring the best results.
  • Spreadsheet templates that enable brands to quickly create new campaigns, ad sets and ads. Advertisers’ own spreadsheets can be imported, as well.
  • A media library for uploading images, videos and other assets to use in campaigns.
  • In-table pivoting and customized exports (pictured below), providing more control over the analytics brands receive.

One advertiser request that Snapchat has not yet fulfilled is the development of some sort of pixel or tag that brands can install on their websites to determine when Snapchat ads drive customers to their sites.

A Snapchat spokesman told Garett Sloane of AdAge that the messaging app is working on that issue, adding, “We’re currently exploring our own proprietary web-based measurement solution to further prove the effectiveness of our advertising.”