How SMBs Benefit From Their Twitter Presence [SURVEY]

To help understand the value of Twitter for SMBs, Twitter asked global research firm Market Probe International to survey 500 people ages 18+, across several verticals in the US and UK, who currently follow SMBs on Twitter.

The findings, below.

Twitter followers drive sales and recommendations. People are more likely (72%) to make a future purchase from an SMB after they follow or interact with them on Twitter, and more likely (30%) to recommend. And those recommendations are powerful: 86% of respondents said they’re more likely to visit an SMB if a friend recommends them.

Followers feel more connected to SMBs after following them on Twitter. 85% of respondents said they feel a connection with an SMB after following them, and 63% said their top reason for the follow is to show support.

Marketing on Twitter translates to marketing in the real world. One-third (34%) of respondents said they have interacted with an SMB after seeing an ad that included the business’s Twitter handle, and people who see a promoted tweet from an SMB that relates to their interests or needs are more likely (32%) to visit that business.

Read the full Market Probe study here.

(Source: Twitter Advertising. SMB image via Shutterstock.)