Smash, splatter and taunt your way to stress relief via Facebook

left_smashwall_header.jpgWho says most of the applications in top social networks such as MySpace and Facebook are purely useless ones? New Facebook application “SmashWall by Kaplan” may actually prove them wrong. If “Kaplan” sounds familiar to you, well yes, its the famous College Admission thingmaging that publishes college admission tests instructional books. Realizing how frustrating these tests could be for students, Kaplan decided to come up with a stress releiver app made specifically for Facebook.

SmashWall by Kaplan” lets students to smash, splatter and taunt their ways to test relief. That’s how simple this Facebook application can get. Again, like any other Facebook application, you should install the application in your Facebook profile. Once you’ve installed the application, you will be given a clean, white wall with nothing on it. On the right of the application you’d see icons for pizza, tomato, lava lamp, bosenberry pie and wet muddy rug, practically stuff which you usually use for splattering around. The fun begins the moment you click and drag any of those stuff on to the white wall, and listen for realistic sound come in as if you were actually throwing and smashing those stuff into a wall.


As you go along with your splattering activities, it gets even more exciting as you get to acquire more items to splatter on your wall. You can gain points by inviting new users or engaging in good natured “smash talk” with your Facebook friends. As you earn points, you get to have additional items including; a cup of coffee, watermelon, ninja stars, brown eggs and 3-tiered wedding cake. Of course, you’d get to hear the splattering sounds of the those once you throw them unto your wall.

What did I told you awhile ago? “SmashWall by Kaplan” may actually prove critics who claimed that MySpace and Facebook applications are not useful. “SmashWall by Kaplan” is pretty useful in a way by releiving you of your stress. It’s not for students only, even corporate slaves who get stressed on the job can use it – it’s free anyway.