Smartphone Voicemail Goes Visual with YouMail

YouMail, customizable cell phone voicemail service, has gotten even more customizable – and user friendly. The free service has launched the public beta of visual voicemail for smartphones. Now, smartphone users can access YouMail from their phone’s home screen where they can view and listen to messages, forward them or reply via SMS without ever having to dial into their voicemail service.

“Since the launch of the iPhone, consumer appetite for visual voicemail on smartphones has been growing,” YouMail CEO Alex Quilici said in a statement. “In a world where we seem to find bite-size messages in SMS or Twitter form preferable, many people find this approach better than spending time listening to and often forgetting an audio message.”

youmail visual voicemail.jpg

The visual voicemail service is accessible directly from the mobile Web, so users never have to call to check messages. It works on most smartphones, BlackBerries, Treos, the iPhone and advanced devices from Palm and Nokia among others.