Smartphone Games Summit 2010: Multiplatform Smartphone Games

What does it take to succeed as multi-platform game developers? This was addressed by an insightful panel at last Friday’s Smartphone Games Summit, and the group included leaders in this space, specifically: Jim Greer of Kongregate, David Helgason of Unity Technologies, Stewart of Moblyng, and Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio Mobile. More after the jump.

Why did you decide to start moving to Android?

– Verizon family plan is strong. Verizon + Android meant success despite existing skepticism. 20-30% of the market will be Android because carriers will have a lot of incentive to promote a stable platform like Android.

– Rovio, makers of Angry Birds, have a million downloads on Android

What Android technologies are most attractive to you?

– Kongregate has partnered with Adobe so they’ve been getting help with getting on Android with flash

– Android as an open platforms allows rapid iteration. In the iOS there is a lot of friction in iteration and getting approvals from App Store. So its also an element of the platform which creates a web style gaming experience. With Android you can experiment first.

– Apple solved a lot of problems such as carriers messing with the experience. One thing to be scared about Android side is that carriers have a lot of control and creating pains for developers.

What are experiences you’ve seen with discoverability on Android?

– Starting to be too many choices. Too many app stores.

– Putting social graph on top, the way Facebook has done will really help Facebook.

– In App-payment solutions for Android are currently being developed by entrepreneurs

Will ARPU be ever as good as on Android as it is on iPhone?

– ARPU will get better in about 3 yrs but it may never get as good

Recommendations for developers looking to come on Android?

– Early to market is important

– Get feedback