Smart Picture: an app that turns phone photos into measurements

smart pictureSmartphones are getting smarter thanks to 3D technology from Google’s Project Tango. Smart Picture, the latest app using the platform, can create dimensions of any object in a room based on Google’s smartphone photos. The app literally transforms images into 3D data points.

The Austin-based startup has teamed with Google’s Project Tango, a smartphone with 3D mapping capabilities. Google could transform 3D imaging from a very expensive technology for specialists to useful, everyday tools if it can bring the costs of 3D cameras within the range of a smartphone. Smart Picture created its product to be functional with 2D images from regular smartphones, but 3D mapping from Project Tango helps to speed up accuracy.

Smart Picture director of product marketing Scott Bamford told VentureBeat, “Our measurements are within 5 millimeters of complete accuracy. The goal is to eventually be accurate within 2 millimeters.”

For Smart Pictures, monetization is going to come from business partnerships. Smart Pictures is perfect for DIY projects – that’s why the team is hoping to sell its services to companies like Home Depot, whose customers can use the app to speed up home improvements by accurately calculating paint volumes for a room.

Smart Picture Technologies’ patent-pending mobile technology platform enables users to create and share Smart Pictures – 2D images and high definition 3D models that contain millions of measurement data points. Using a smartphone or tablet, users can snap a picture and capture detailed measurement information in 2D and 3D. Users can edit and share Smart Pictures directly from the Smart Picture Technologies’ mobile application or cloud service. Whether at home or work, capturing vital scale and dimension info with the snap of a picture increases productivity, saves substantial time and reduces human error in virtually any industry where measurement capture is important – Auto Insurance, Property Insurance, Online Auctions, Home Improvement, DIY, Forensics & Accident Reconstruction, Home Healthcare, and many more.