Skin Deep Launch: Party, Pics and Plastic

P1010113.jpgOn Tuesday night Fishbowl was in attendance at at Bruno Jamais on the Upper East Side at the launch party for Skin Deep, a magazine that unabashedly celebrates lookin’ good by whatever means make you happy and bills itself as “the ultimate image enhancement resource.” The current issue of Skin Deep features uber-supermodel Carol Alt , who has media significance not only for having appeared on the cover of a gazillion magazines during her heyday but also for being part of the first story to get Fishbowl’s foot in the journalism door. More on that in a sec.

Back to the party and Skin Deep, which is pretty excited about plastic surgery. Topics in this month’s mag include “What men really think about breast implants,” “Mommy Makeovers,” and a before-after featuring a 54-year old woman 6 months after Livefill had been injected into her nasolabial folds (no relation to anything by Daphne Merkin). From the looks of it, a number of those in attendance were already enthusiastic adopters; Fishbowl doesn’t judge, we just eat appetizers.

The event drew a cross-section of media types including Page Six’s Richard Johnson, who confirmed today that Alt, once dubbed “The Face” because, well, look at her, has not herself had any work done (Fishbowl isn’t very savvy about such things but we thought she looked very lovely). Also present: Johnson’s recent bride Sessa von Richthofen, new Court TV “Hollywood Heat” anchor Lynne White (who had 8 x 10 headshots liberally available for our convenience), Jossip’s David Hauslaib, New York Post writer Sara Stewart (and I thought i recognized NYP’s Diane Heifetz too – anyone know for sure?), “Apprentice” runner-up Kwame Jackson, baseball bad-boy Johnny Rocker, and Samantha Cole, whom Page Six says is a Hamptons party-girl.

Gift bags, upper-arm lifts, and the special bond between Fishbowl and Carol Alt after the jump.

Blade Balker [NYP]

Approximately 200 people attended the event, which unfortunately meant not everyone got a promised gift bag, as there were only a hundred. Oops. Lucky bag-snaggers took home a good haul including the mag, Carol’s raw-foodist primer “Eating in the Raw” and a whack of cosmetics I didn’t know existed including Tanline&#153 Instant Bronzer and Self-Tanning Spray (wow – who still uses aerosol?); Dr. Jan Adams microdermabrasian treatment for women of color (the Neutrogena stuff at Duane Reade doesn’t differentiate); and Arctic Frost&#153 wrinkle repair cream – “works in minutes!” (apparently a “Superb Value Alternative to Freeze 24/7,” which has a very scary name). It also has a three-pack of Rusk shampoo and a CD to get your image enhanced to (aka Samantha Cole’s “Obsession”). The piece de resistance, though, is the scent: “All My Children Fusion,” which smells like someone slapping you across the face (we kid! Adjectives on the box include “luscious” “dewy” “sensual” “feminine” and it’s apparently replete with “rich musks and warm amber”).

Okay, pics! Regard below.

People who are obviously worth photographing are photographed with the mag. I don’t know who they are but the woman on the left in the tan blazer had lovely boots. I think the woman in the middle is Samantha Cole. This is her website – do you agree? Either way both women are very tanned. (Update: It is! Thanks, WireImage!) Is the man on the right Armand Assante? He was supposed to be there (The Mambo Kings, Hoffa).

Someone else worth worth photographing: the photographer! Eric Kaiser from Patrick McMullan was both fetching and sweet. And fetching. We’d fetch him if we could.


There appetizers had a nod to Alt’s raw foodism wih a raw nibble of tuna with cucumber and caviar. There were also mushroom and goat cheese crepes, a steak tartare, and miniature crab cakes. Sadly, these were often carried high by waiters who seemed not to notice me and other hungry non-supermodel attendees. Fishbowl’s companion/photographic helper David Ernst tracked a certain woman in a red shirt as she stalked her quarry; he said she knew how to use her elbows. In perserverance she found success.

A Fishbowl reunion! We met Carol Alt at the Hotel Pribilitskaya in St. Petersburg, Russia for the 2000 World Hockey Championships. She was there to cheer on her then-boyfriend now-husband Alexei Yashin; I because I was living in Stockholm at the time and came over to cheer on Team Canada and try to eke out a scoop. As luck would have it, Carol, Fishbowl and 15 out of the 16 teams were at the hotel (yes, got my scoop); meanwhile, Team Russia had been sequestered for focus, and poor Carol was left to her own devices. Fishbowl can confidently say that her company is preferable to no company at all, so Carol ended up spending some time with us tooling around St. Petersburg (also with Tatjana Yashin, Alexei’s mom). I remember Carol telling me about the raw food thing back then; apparently it really worked for Yashin, though of course being a professional athlete helps too. Fishbowl recalls being inspired but Russia is a bad place to start that, popular as potato products tend to be. In any case, here we are, reunited! Guess which one’s the supermodel?

Carol, Richard and Sessa as pictured above, taken shortly after Johnson distracted Carol from our conversation about how to make chocolate mousse out of avocadoes and why sprout bread is delicious.

The Post‘s Sara Stewart with acclaimed Bulgarian filmmaker Tzanko Tchangov, who had the line of the night: “MILFs. It’s all about MILFs this year.”

Everyone loves the raw tuna snackies! When we saw Carol, she said she couldn’t eat for half an hour because “I just took some enzymes.” Fishbowl had not just taken enzymes, so we had two.

The Apprentice’s Kwame Jackson poses chummily with Court TV anchor Lynn White.

Jossip’s David Hauslaib with his friend, Beth Crisafi of Gibbs Soell PR, and Skin Deep EIC Jeanette Martello, who “wants to get the truth out about plastic surgery and all of image enhancement!”

*Fun Fact: Jeanette is another media lawyer! And Carol was was plucked for modelling stardom from Hofstra law school!

Black Tie magazine EIC Joyce Brooks, whose hat looks like something Carol and I would have seen in Russia, along with a very fun and jovial man named Sidney, I think, and gregarious singer Charmaine who was very excited about making it big. Champagne makes everyone friends!

skin deep mag.jpg
Second issue of Skin Deep featurng FishFriend Carol Alt. I know I promised upper-arm lifts before, and you can find out more in upcoming issues of Skin Deep, along with ear surgery, the “floating belly-button tummy tuck” and sclerotherapy (not to be confused with Sklarotherapy, which sometimes leads to psychotherapy).

(Photographs by Rachel Sklar and David Ernst. Party hosted by KMR Communications, Inc.)