Sixth Borough Report: They Do Things Differently In Philly


Things are done a bit differently in Philadelphia. Like when the owner of the Philly Inquirer announces his plans to plaster the newspaper’s headquarters in ads for Bee Movie.

Also, the Inquirer Building is a historic landmark (albeit one that’s currently for sale):

PMH CEO and Inquirer publisher Brian Tierney, however, described the advertising campaign as a chance to do something creative. “It’s meant to put a smile on people’s faces, and I think it will. It’s only for three weeks, so let’s give it a go,” Tierney said. […] “If we can do this, it’ll be all over the local media and people will be talking about it” he said, adding that the ads could receive national attention.

As for the “it’ll be all over the local media” remark… Tierney is currently the owner of Philadelphia’s two daily newspapers, as well as the founder of Philly’s biggest PR agency. The guy is the local media.

But what can we say. The Inquirer‘s owner loves the publicity stunts.