Sirius Yin/Yang: Howard poised to sell, Mel to buy

howardstern1.jpgAfter just three days on the job at Sirius, reports surfaced yesterday that Howard Sternwas moving to sell the roughly $200 million in stock that he received as part of his five-year deal with the company. Somewhat expectedly, the stock dipped almost six percent on that news.

Today news broke that Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin is in a buying mood – acquiring a million shares of the company for $6.2 million – a move that reversed yesterday’s 5.9 percent decline in Sirius share price. Nicely done.

So, Howard – here’s a concept worth exploring. It’s called ‘delayed gratification.’ To use an example you might understand, it means that there are no more enjoyable stripper buttocks covered in chocolate sauce on earth than those buttocks before which you’ve paused a bit before spanking. It’s all about the anticipation.

See? Are we making any sense?