Sing Along with NPR Music App

Music charms even the savage iPhone or iPod Touch, or at least NPR hopes. The NPR Music App is now available via the App Store free-of-charge.

The app provides access to live performances, interviews, signature programs and series, exclusive first listens to unreleased albums, an artist directory, and live station streams, and it runs while users are accessing other apps and programs.

The music is sorted by genre, and users can choose from NPR’s stable of some 5,000 artists and more than 75 public radio stations. Users can also create customizable play lists.

NPR Music executive producer Anya Grundmann said:

Every day, we obsess over finding new ways to connect people to music they’ll love, and to share our own passion with our audience. The NPR Music App is an amazing way to experience our music coverage wherever you are. Every day, we’ve got new surprises — special concerts, sessions, and interviews you can’t get anywhere else; dozens of continuous music streams from our member stations; and chances to hear entire albums before they’re released. It’s an incredible resource for people who care about music as much as we do.

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