Simon Dumenco: ‘My Sister Isn’t A Completely Worthless Human Being’

rd_avril_lavigne.jpgThat’s the conclusion Dumenco came to after learning some investors had agreed to buy Reader’s Digest for $2.4 billion. What does that have to do with his sister? Virtually nothing, except she’s a subscriber.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that some media money guys actually think my oldest sister isn’t a completely worthless human being. She is, for the record, an M.D. (who married another M.D.), a professor at an Ivy League medical school and the mother of five. She’s also a Reader’s Digest subscriber … And get this: She seldom watches YouTube videos (unless I send her a link) and she doesn’t have a MySpace page!

But now she’s forever part of the AdAge archive!

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