Silver Spoons Collide: “Miss A” v.

Silver spoons collided today after “Miss A” (Andrea Rodgers) attacked DC-born social network, on her blog It’s a blog off!


“It’s like one big bathroom wall. It’s the only place you can anonymously bash your social and/or business rivals. Removing the anonymity would make LNS, and the real Washington a nicer place, but doing so would would be the death knell for LNS, so I doubt that will ever happen.”

– Andrea Rodgers on from her blog

In her post on LNS, Rodgers goes on to say:

“My hate for LNS stems from how my association with LNS led to my being the target of a “hit piece” written by Angela Valdez for the City Paper a few years ago. Before this experience, I thought “hit pieces” were used to target politicians and celebrities, but Ms. Valdez has made a career out of targeting and humiliating private citizens. If that weren’t enough Angela lumped me in with the very misogynistic, elitist, and racist aspect of LNS that I abhored.”

In response to Miss A’s criticisms, LNS Founder Reed Landry fired back, exposing Rodgers’ alleged “mean girls womens” tactics on his site’s forum:

What makes your blog post even more bizarre is that you, perhaps more than any person on LNS, use the site as a weapon to attack people you don’t like (often girls who are little more than half your age). Quickly removing these posts of yours on almost a daily basis over the years has been a chore, to say the least. It’s remarkable that a 40-year-old woman like yourself is unable to handle the anonymity afforded on a website that the vast majority of people in their early 20’s manage to enjoy responsibly.

Don’t care? Understood, but it’s August in Washington…cut me some slack.