Zero on the Five-O Believability Scale

Everyone’s a critic these days, which in the case of L.A. CNN copy editor James Dinan, is a good thing. His latest post on Showbiz Tonight‘s “Marquee” blog hilariously picks apart the Columbus Day episode of the re-imagined Hawaii Five-O.

What sort of medical term is “aneurysm face,” Dinan wonders, in reference to a line of dialogue uttered by the new Danno (Scott Caan, pictured left) to the latest McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). Good question. Somehow, it’s hard to picture the old Danno (James MacArthur) and the original McGarrett (the late Jack Lord) engaging in such glibly inaccurate terminology.

Another point of contention for Dinan is the way the game of basketball figures prominently into the criminal interrogation techniques of McGarrett not once but twice, in one case for a scene involving co-star D.L. Hughley. Maybe Dinan should give the ubiquitous stand-up comic a break; post-CNN comedy talk show, Hughley is just doing what is necessary to put Hawaiian bread on the table.

All in all, Dinan’s very funny critique, the latest in a series of  Hawaii Five-O blog posts, makes us wish we had DVR-ed last night’s episode. With apologies to the Macadamia nut gallery, might we suggest that if Showbiz Tonight is ever in need of a last-minute fill-in person for a TV review segment – “Book him, Dinan.”