Show Off Your Tattoo at New Social Network

tatsThe social acceptance of tattoos for people from all walks of life might be relatively new, but the practice certainly isn’t. Just ask Ötzi the Iceman. He’s been marked since Neolithic times.

After a yearlong beta, CheckOutMyInk, a social networking for tattoo enthusiasts is now officially live.

Featuring user profiles, unlimited tattoo picture hosting, user-generated content, and interactive services for “ink” fans, the Website claims over 11 million page views per month.To date, over 40,000 tattoo pictures have been uploaded by members.

The Website gives tattoo artists and shops the ability to create a free online profile to show off their goods and potentially attract business.

If you’re just a casual tattoo fan who doesn’t have the nads to get inked, and just want to live vicariously through others, you can use the comprehensive tattoo search engine to find art. The site is very useful if you’ve already decided to get a tattoo, but are having trouble coming up with a concept. For example, a popular keyword such as “dragon” will yield well over 1,000 results. If you see a tattoo you like, mark it as a favorite. Then you can retrieve it at a later date or share it with friends.

I might be marked up myself, but a few more visits to CheckOutMyInk, and I might be converted!