Should PRSA Scold McClellan?


Former BusinessWeek senior writer, and current freelancer Gary Weiss thinks so. Weiss took a look at the PRSA code of ethics, which includes a statement on honesty.

He says, “I realize that violating the PR ethics code [the way Scott McClellan apparently did] is spitting on the sidewalk compared to the felonies of lying to the American people about Iraq and Katrina…but it seems to me that the PR profession, if it wants to take this code of ethics seriously, needs to take a stand in a high-visibility case like this.”

Former Philadelphia Housing Authority PR pro Bob Alotta writes in a letter to the editor in the Washington Post, “The ethical code of the Public Relations Society of America also decries knowingly presenting falsehoods as fact. In the final analysis, McClellan is more culpable than the people he represented. I only hope that no self-respecting organization will hire him as spokesman.”

PRSA was not available for comment prior to the time of this post.