With Social Media You’re Always Being Watched, So Ask Yourself… Should I Post This? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Way, way back when – over three years ago, in fact, which is a lifetime on the internet – I wrote about the dangers of sharing too much about yourself on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, reminding readers that, with social media, you’re always on camera.

Always being watched.

Always being judged.

And everybody makes mistakes.

While it’s true that sometimes those are honest mistakes, it’s more typical that when somebody makes a post to one of these social platforms that is daft or stupid, it’s because they were being, well, daft or stupid. Shooting out a status update that contains profanity, nudity or drunken ramblings (or a combination of all three, you keeper) might seem like the cool thing to do at the time, but the dangers have never been greater. Even putting aside the risk to your personal reputation, studies show that almost four out of five (79 percent) of job recruiters will look at a candidate’s online presence before making a decision about their potential employment. Furthermore, 70 percent say they have rejected a candidate because of something they saw online.

So, you gotta be careful. Thankfully, help is at hand, courtesy of this infographic which reminds us that we’re always being watched, and encourages you to ask yourself, at all times… should I post this?

(Source: Online Classes. 24 hour surveillance image via Shutterstock.)

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