Shoshana Berger Opens Up About Wired

Shoshana Berger was the founding editor of ReadyMade, but last year she decided to move to Wired, where she now works as director of editorial development. She recently spoke with Adweek>/em> about her time at Wired and what plans she has for the magazine. Below are some highlights from the interview.

On launching ReadyMade:

Starting a magazine is like trying to nail a jellyfish to the wall; it’s virtually impossible.

On what she has in store for Wired:

I’m launching a new business channel that’s going to be much more robust. I’m particularly excited about Wired getting more active in the e-book space — we produced an e-book after the death of Steve Jobs, and it was a really elegantly done, beautiful elegy. It’s a natural domain for us.

On how she’s working to change the male dominated Wired:

My personal mission has been to open up avenues for women at Wired, to bring in more female writers and to appeal to women readers.

I think design is a friendly subject for women. I’ve heard anecdotally from a lot of women that they don’t typically turn to Wired as their first source for design, but once they’ve seen the Wired Design blog, they get really excited about reading the magazine—some of them for the first time.