Shopify Tracks the Most Spendy Social Networks [Infographic]

Facebook refers the most traffic at the highest conversion rate, but of all the social networks, Polyvore users spend the most money in a single order.

E-commerce platform Shopify has made some huge strides since its founding in 2006. The light infrastructure has enabled some 90,000 stores to flourish online. Shopify compiled its expansive data into an infographic about which social networks refer the most traffic.

Shopify analyzed 37 million visits from social media users that converted almost 600,000 e-commerce sales. As with most things in social media, Facebook dominated with 63 percent of referral traffic for social networks. Pinterest made up 13 percent and Twitter referred 10.5 percent. YouTube and Reddit rounded out the top five with 8 percent and 4.5 percent, respectively.

Facebook also dominated in terms of orders, with 85 percent of all orders from social media conversions. But Facebook isn’t winning everything. While Facebook conversions grew by 129 percent, Reddit had Facebook easily beaten with 152 percent growth. LinkedIn is also hot on Facebook’s heels with 122 percent growth.

When it comes to the average order value from social network conversions, there were some very surprising results for Q3 of 2013. Polyvore delivered a $66.75 average over 436 orders, Instagram clocked in at $65.00 dollars and Pinterest shoppers are in third place for spendiness with $58.95. The three lowest spenders were LinkedIn at $44.24, Google+ at $40.00 and YouTube with $37.63.

To find out which social networks like Sriracha candy canes or turkey-shaped baby hats, check out the infographic below:


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