Shift Magazine Shifts Focus Away from ‘Cutie Girls’


By way of Jean Snow we found I Momus“A Complete History of Japanese Cutie Girls, 1997 – 2007.” While the title sounds a little, well, odd, the story itself is really interesting. It’s about Shift magazine killing off a ten year old feature that highlighted women’s fashion, entitled “Tokyo Cutie Girls,” because the trends had become too dull, too straight-laced. Momus weighs in on this move, as well as the history of the section in the magazine and the fashion trends in general. If you’re like us and the last time you were really keyed into what was going on in Japan, with all those “don’t these women look insane with all their weird, bright colors?!” stories from the late-90s, you’ll extra find this interesting. Here’s some from the very beginning:

Ten years later, a re-designed Shift quietly killed the feature after a final shoot in their 121st edition. By now retitled Girls on the Street, the last pictures showed Sapporo women of almost nun-like sobriety. The predominant colours were black, grey, cream and beige. The super-protestant spirit of Muji and Uniqlo seemed to have won. Japanese street fashion — as a funky freakshow cliche, at least — went from active to archive.