How To Auto-Share Vimeo Videos To Facebook And Twitter

Vimeo LogoVimeo has become more social with the announcement of a new feature on the video site – the ability to auto-share Vimeo videos to Facebook and Twitter. Setting up auto-share on your Vimeo account is easy, and is a great way to share your video uploads, and liked videos with your friends in an instant. Learn how to connect your Vimeo account so you can auto-share to Twitter and Facebook after the jump.

Vimeo users can easily extend their Vimeo accounts by linking to Facebook and Twitter from the Vimeo Settings page, in the “Extending Vimeo” menu. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and check off whether you’d like to auto-share when you upload a video, like a video or both. To de-authorize Facebook or Twitter from connecting with your account, simply click on the red X next to each application.

Vimeo Share Settings

Once you have connected your Vimeo account to Facebook and Twitter your uploads and, or likes will automatically be posted to your Facebook wall and Twitter feed as in the screenshots below. Do you think you will take advantage of this new Vimeo sharing feature? Do you think this new tool will increase the number of Vimeo shares on social networks or will people continue to share by posting links on their own to Facebook and Twitter?

Vimeo Share Facebook

Vimeo Share Twitter