Shakeup At Time Inc Consumer Marketing, Jobs

There’s been a shakeup at Time Inc. Consumer Marketing, we hear.

Steve Sachs, EVP of consumer marketing and sales, announced the changes in a memo.

The reorganization includes the appointment of three group SVPs and the creation of two new senior positions, as well as the dismissal of a number of employees.

Nate Simmons becomes Senior Vice President, News and Sports; Jennifer Ogden-Reese will be Senior Vice President, Style and Entertainment, and Carrie Goldin is now Senior Vice President, Lifestyle.

Hollie Cavanna becomes Vice President of consumer marketing innovation and strategy, a new position, and the division is soon to appoint a senior vice president of digital marketing and business development.

As with any reorg, there are some people leaving the company as well: John Reese, Jose Perez, Matthew Hoffmeyer, John Tighe, Steve Crowe, Sarah Jack, Alison Ehrman, and Chris Butler are all out, we’ve heard. A company spokeswoman confirmed the number of departures was correct but declined to confirm individual names. She also pointed out that headcount in the consumer marketing division will actually increase, as Time Inc. will be posting 20 junior level positions in the division starting next week.

The changes will “allow us to focus better on our goals of revenue growth, innovation, and building our print business, while moving marketing resources closer to the brands and expanding our expertise in digital marketing,” Sachs said in the memo.