Shadow Fight developer Nekki breaks into soccer management genre with 11×11

11×11 is a new Facebook-based soccer management simulation from Nekki, best known for their asynchronous combat game Shadow Fight on Facebook and, more recently, Google+.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, 11×11 currently has 250,000 monthly active users and 50,000 daily active users.

11×11 gives players the keys to the manager’s office of a new soccer team. After naming the team and choosing the color scheme of their uniform, it’s up to the player to manage the team effectively, taking into account the team’s training regime, club finances and tactics. Players can be bought and sold using the game’s soft currency, and the team can be trained a certain amount each day to gradually improve their abilities.

Social features in the game include the facility for players’ teams to compete against one another and be ranked on a worldwide leaderboard. Players also have the facility to gift “Fans” to each other, providing morale boosts at the start of matches and increasing the team’s performance. It’s also possible for friends to compete in matches against one another, meaning no wait time while looking for an opponent. There’s only a certain number of these “Friend Challenge” matches that can be taken on per day, however.

Monetization is handled through the sale of hard currency, here known as Boosters. Payments are handled entirely through the use of Facebook Credits. Boosters can be spent on a variety of things, including more effective training routines, allowing team members to level up quicker; and four levels of “VIP” membership, which allows for increasing the number of players on the full team’s squad; additional fans to send to friends each day; additional “Friend Challenge” matches and the facility to enter more tournaments at the same time. Committed players who enjoy the game will effectively be able to play more each day by paying.

It’s clearly early in 11×11’s lifespan as there are a number of items on the main menu which currently do nothing or simply promise that the feature is coming “soon.” These currently include a “Unions” and a “Try your Luck” facility. “Try your Luck” is set to launch in 4-6 weeks and is a lottery-like minigame where players can throw a dice once per day for free (with additional rolls available for Facebook Credits) and get rewards for successful throws. These may include money rewards, player specializations or, once in a player’s career, a “superplayer” to use on the team. “Unions,” meanwhile, is a facility for players to organize championships and play together, and is set to be added to the game within 4-12 weeks.

Despite its tender age, the game has been enjoying strong, steady growth since launch in both MAU and DAU figures and shows no technical issues that would slow down its early growth. In the increasingly competitive market of soccer management sims on Facebook, 11×11 is a good showing. Nekki also has plans to bring 11×11 to Google+ — there’s no set date for when this will launch as yet, but the team is 100% sure that it is going to happen.

You can track 11×11’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.