SGN's iBasketball Taking Wii-Like Games Too Far?

Like to play basketball? Then you probably won’t like the new iPhone app from SGN, called iBasketball. Even though it’s a fun game, it’s Wii-like movements with your iPhone aren’t good substitutes for the real game. I know that could be said about the majority of the Wii-like games made for the iPhone, but in testing the game out myself and speaking with a few other seasoned game players, the movement of shooting a basketball with the iPhone is a little more drastic than say, bowling.

Are mobile game makers over-doing the apps that require movement mimicking the real sport? Is the mobile market really the best venue for such games, seeing as there are a limited number of places in which most people will feel comfortable “throwing” their phones around in the act of playing basketball?

I’d personally prefer the race car game if I were sitting on the train or in the doctor’s waiting room, while saving iBasketball for the privacy of my own home. So I do wonder if this limits the play time and user retention of movement-games such as iBasketball.

But SGN has also made sure to include some social features for iBasketball, which keeps things interesting. The ability to challenge friends and play against others in real time certainly makes this game more fun and attractive to a wider audience. If you get a chance to check out iBasketball, let us know what you think in the comments below.