Sex Offenders Get Banned From Social Networks

According to Andrew Einhorn, Indiana has now banned sex offenders from all social networks, chat rooms and instant message applications. While the ban will be put in place it doesn’t ensure that they won’t still use the services. As such parents should still be actively involved in monitoring their children’s online activity.

As children become socially engaged online at a younger age, the security of children is becoming increasingly important. As such various measures are being taken across the country but these actions take time as they work their way through our government’s bureaucratic systems. My guess is that we will soon see the active monitoring of computer use by registered sex offenders.

It’s a similar concept to house arrest. If you are a threat to society online, you probably should be monitored. We are going to see a huge wave of legal issues arise over the next decade all related to online issues. As citizens spend more time online, it is increasingly important to protect individuals’ privacy. Additionally as more time is spent online I have a feeling that we will begin to see the policing of digital activity. What do you think?