Seven Questions for Pentagram’s Luke Hayman

“Much of what we have known as designers has suddenly shifted,” says Luke Hayman. “However, we still have the ability to establish identity, and to communicate and engage through our design tools.” A partner at Pentagram, Hayman is something of a world champion in establishing identity, communicating, and engaging, whether on behalf of New York magazine (which he famously overhauled as design director) or the Khaleej Times, a Dubai broadsheet. Other publications that have enjoyed a visual rebirth at the hands of Hayman include TIME, Consumer Reports, and the Atlantic. This afternoon, he’ll take the stage at the ABSTRACT Conference in Portland, Maine, to lead a session entitled “Identity Crisis?” We took the interrogative hint and asked Hayman to answer our seven questions.

1. Can you give us a sneak preview of your ABSTRACT Conference presentation?
I’ll be talking about the importance of finding and establishing identity for a publication. What makes up the DNA of a magazine and how can it be expressed in rich, lasting way.

2. What is your greatest graphic design/publication design pet peeve?
Thoughtless stealing…as opposed to thoughtful ‘borrowing’!

3. What has been your most memorable design-related encounter?
George Lois calling to give his opinion on the cover of the first issue of New York magazine we did. He didn’t like it!

4. What do you consider your proudest design moment?
Joining Pentagram.

5. What’s on your summer reading list?
I’m on a Lee Child binge: guilty pleasure/escapism.

6. What was the last film you saw?
Hanna. Great locations.

7. You have just received $100,000 that must be used for a single dream project. How would you spend it?
I’d take a year-long vacation…I mean research sabbatical!

Motion graphics by Erick Fletes