Seven (Deadly) Questions for Ju$t Another Rich Kid, a.k.a. Ken Courtney

KenCourtney.jpgIt’s practically spring, that time when a nation’s fancy turns to gubernatorial sins. So what better time for us to turn our inquiring minds to Ju$t Another Rich Kid, also known as New York-based artist and designer Ken Courtney, whose latest project is based on the seven deadly sins?

A follow-up to the 2004 “Indulgences” series that he created with Tobias Wong (featuring a gold-dipped McDonald’s coffee stir-cum-“cokespoon” that raised the legal hackles of the fast food giant), the new Indulgences collection (pictured below) is comprised of seven gold-dipped pendants on chains–that’s one pendant per deadly sin. For greed, there’s a pair of dice, while anger gets a thumbnail-sized grenade. Courtney took time away from selling indulgences to tell us his about favorite mortal sin, a phone call he received from Chloe Sevigny, and his dreams of retail space.

(Jimmy King).jpg

1. Your Ju$t Another Rich Kid collection for fall 2008 includes a new series of Indulgences based on the 7 Deadly Sins. Which of the sins is your favorite (if you had to choose just one)?
In terms of the charms and which is my favorite to wear: Pride/Death Metal Cross. Which deadly sin do I like? Sloth. I wish I were better at that one.

2. Best/most memorable design-related encounter?
A phone call from Chloe Sevigny yelling at me for the “I Fucked Chloe Sevigny” shirts I made. It was a short call. I didn’t even get to say anything before she hung up.

3. Proudest design moment?
Having two pieces from the original Indulgences series accepted into the permanent collection at SFMoMA.

4. Last book you read?
The last book I started to read: Getting Things Done by David Allen. I got to page 47 about a year ago and that was that. The first chapter should really tell you how to make time to at least finish the book!!

5. Last song played on your ipod/stereo?
“Toxic” (Version Revisited) by Mark Ronson featuring ODB + Tiggers. You have to hear this. It’s so hot.

6. Last film you saw?
A bit of a heavy, arty flick: Man Push Cart by Ramin Bahrani.

7. You have just received $100,000 (as a check, not a candy bar) that must be used for a single dream project. How would you spend it?
First, I’d buy an 100 Grand candy bar to eat while thinking about what to use the money for. This is totally boring, but I’d get a paid assistant ASAP. Then, I’d spend some of it on proper PR and to expand the cut and sew portion of the collection. Finally, I’d rent a store/studio space, where I could work and sell the line. I really want a retail space. I feel it’s essential for getting the next level of exposure for Ju$t Another Rich Kid and it’d be great to sell directly to my customers without having to be dependent on the erratic taste of buyers to determine what’s available to the public.