September 11th Memorial and WTC Rebuilding May Finish By 2011 After All


Well, let’s maybe forget all that talk we reported on a few days ago about the various September 11th Memorial and World Trade Center rebuilding projects not being finished in time for the ten year anniversary. Surely prompted by all of the stories coming out around this past anniversary of all the slowdowns, mismanagement, and general problems being had at the site, the NY government and the money involved in the project (there’s still money somewhere?) have all gotten together to work out a plan to have the entire thing finished in time and, likely to their great hope, remove the pressure and negative press they’ve been receiving a bunch of lately. Here’s a bit:

City and Port Authority officials were reluctant to discuss the latest proposal because it is still subject to negotiations, as well as approval by authority commissioners. But local politicians and members of the community board that includes ground zero embraced the news.

“We are working around the clock until Oct. 2 on a report that brings certainty to the schedule and budget for the whole site, including the memorial, and a path forward to completing each project as quickly as possible,” said Christopher O. Ward, the authority’s executive director. “No final decisions have been made or will be made until that report.”