Senator McCain Takes to Twitter to Critique Amanpour Debut

McCain080210.bmpWell, we know at least one person who is in the Jake Tapper camp.

Senator John McCain took to Twitter Monday afternoon to weigh in on Christiane Amanpour’s debut on ABC’s “This Week.”

His critique was short and to the point:

“Anyone else miss @jaketapper yesterday?”

Ouch. Tapper, ABC News’ White House correspondent, ably filled in as interim host of the program until Amanpour debuted.

Tapper brought some new features like fact-checking and live tweeting to the program, but kept the focus on U.S. politics, which is in line with “This Week’s” history and what the other Sunday public affairs shows put on the air.

Amanpour has indicated she would like to bring a more international take on the week’s news to the show, while still discussing U.S. politics.

McCain, who is a U.S. Senator, seems more inclined to favor Tapper’s inside the beltway style.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for bringing Amanpour to “This Week” was to differentiate the program from its competition. As for McCain’s criticism, it probably won’t stop him from appearing on the program. Foreign policy is, after all, his specialty.

So why did the Senator choose to Twitter to make his opinion known? Who knows, but the more causal nature of the micro-blogging platform likely had something to do with it.

Update: Senator McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain also weighed in on “This Week,” with similar thoughts:

“I’m sorry, I just can’t deal with “This Week” if @JakeTapper isn’t gonna be the host…”