Senator Clinton Does The Daily Show

Part I:

Part II:

Senator Hillary Clinton, fresh off an appearance on SNL, did The Daily Show with Jon Stewart yesterday, the day before the pivotal Ohio and Texas primaries (AKA Super Tuesday, Part II). Clinton poked fun at the idea of a Presidential candidate of her caliber appearing on a fake news show. From USA Today:

”’Tomorrow is perhaps one of the most important days of your life, and you’ve chosen to spend the night before talking to me,’ Stewart told Clinton, who was beamed in by satellite from Austin. ‘As a host, I’m delighted; as a citizen, I’m frightened. Senator, your response?’

”’It is pretty pathetic,’ she said.”

Senator Clinton has cleverly used late night comedy programs in her final pushes before important elections. The night before the first Super Tuesday election, Clinton appeared on Late Night with David Letterman.