Sen. Klobuchar A Hit at Congressional Dinner

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) was a hit at the Washington Press Club Foundation’s Congressional Dinner last night at the Ritz. The crowd had low expectations for the freshman Senator (more on that here), but she certainly won over the room of colleagues and reporters, who she was quick to point out, were all scooped by the National Enquirer on the John Edwards story.

Line of the night: “I set an all-time United States Senate record- this is true: I raised $17,000 from ex-boyfriends. Speaker Pelosi, I may have the record in the Senate. But I know in the House, that record is held by Barney Frank.”

Rep. Barney Frank was in attendance.

Poor Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had a tough act to follow, but got this line in. “I heard that TurboTax bought a table tonight to promote their new Obama Cabinet edition version 9.0. It asks if you’ve been nominated for a Secretary position, and if you click Yes, the software just skips through the rest of the questions and calculates your refund, without any penalties.”

Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi- “Times are so hard when Timothy Geithner gets a call from the NY Times, he doesn’t know if it’s for a story or a bailout.”

Speaker Pelosi also revealed President Obama and Rahm Emanuel’s email addresses, and, which at my table, prompted a conversation on what is between Bill Press and Miss America Katie Stam…

More (paraphrased) jokes from last night after the jump.

Sen. Klobuchar:

I really, really, really have a very simple goal, and that is to keep it as short as Bill Richardson’s tenure as Commerce Secretary

I’m up here telling jokes and Al Franken’s the Senator, what’s wrong with this picture

They put me on the oceans subcommittee… that’s like being from Illinois on Ethics

I can see Lake Superior from my porch

From Sarah Palin, now I know what RNC stands for… Really New Clothes

At Dana Bash and John King’s wedding, something old and something new was Larry King and his wife

John Edwards is still talking about two Americas- that was the greatest pickup line in history

Rep. McCarthy:

There’s so much pork in the stimulus, even Michael Moore couldn’t finish it

John Boehner would have been here tonight, but Wednesday’s his tanning night

How do you get John Boehner to cross the aisle? Hold a carton of Camel Ultra lights

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Tom Daschle for tonight’s limo service

And on Joe Biden: the Messiah is supposed to ride into the city with an ass underneath him