Sen. Claire McCaskill Encourages Dr. Oz to Police on ‘Deceptive’ Weight Lost Products

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 15.53.19The host of “The Dr. Oz Show” was on Capitol Hill today speaking before a Senate hearing on misleading and deceiving weight loss products and advice.

“My show is about hope…We’ve engaged millions in programs, including programs we did with the CDC, to get folks to realize that there are different ways that they can rethink their future, that their best years aren’t behind them, they’re in front of them and that they actually can lose weight,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The television personality was encouraged to be part of the solution to the problem rather than part of it by Sen. Claire McCaskill, chair of the panel.

“We called this hearing to talk about a real crisis in consumer protection,” said Sen. McCaskill. “And you can either be part of the police here or you can be part of the problem. And we’re just hopeful that you will do a better job at being part of the police.”

Oz went on to say that when he can’t use “flowery” words as a descriptor on his program, that he feels like his power is being taken away.

See below for a CBS recap of the hearing.