Secret Crush… Not Such a Secret

There is a good deal of buzz on the net today about ‘secret-crush’ and how it is really a viral program that installs the much loved ZANGO! Our own Jonathan Kleiman wrote about it before the rest of the web even cared. By the way , great piece Jonathan.

Does this really come as a shock to anyone out there that adware and spyware are finding their way into Facebook applications. The real shock to me is always that there isn’t more of them out there.

I am always amazed about the copious amounts of data people put about themselves on the web. I myself have more information about myeslf out there than I really care to think about.

I have always had a love hate relationship with spy and adware. I, like the rest of the world, hate it. At the same time however I always find it interesting to see how many of my fellow citizens hap-hazardly install applications and agree to pop up windows with out reading what they are agreeing to.

I just want to take another moment to thank Jonathan for breaking this story long before the rest of the web got wind of it, keep up the great work!