Second Animal To Escape From Bronx Zoo Has Her Own Saucy Twitter Account, Too

Yes, it’s happened again: another animal has escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Following in the cobra’s footsteps (or…slither-trail), a peahen has made a daring escape from the confines of the zoo and is now at large. And taking another cue from her predecessor, she’s already happily on Twitter.

The Bronx Zoo just can’t seem to keep tabs on its animals, and the animals just can’t seem to keep their paws…or talons.. or fangs… off of Twitter.

Yesterday, a peahen (a female peacock) escaped from the zoo somehow and is running amok in the city. And on Twitter. She set up her Twitter account (@bronxzoopeacock) just hours after escaping, and has been tweeting pretty steadily ever since.

Apparently, she was able to make her daring escape thanks to some tips the cobra (@bronxzooscobra) hissed in her ear:

But the cobra was a little miffed that they didn’t escape together:

However, the peahen is enjoying her taste of freedom, it seems, as she’s preening with her new hashtags “#theresanewqueenbirdintown”, “#peacockonthetown” and even getting a bit political with “#ihaveanicercoifthantrump”.

In less than 24 hours, this feathered prima donna has amassed over 3,500 followers. If she stays loose long enough, maybe she can gain the notoriety of her inspiration the cobra and reach 250,000.

According to the Daily Mail, several Bronx Zoo employees did come close to catching the peahen yesterday, as she was spotted (and photographed) on top of a home a few blocks away from the zoo. However, she eluded her captors by hiding in some tall grass and then flying off. And of course, she flew straight to Twitter to taunt:

“@JeremyHubbard @gma Bronx Zoo couldn’t contain all of my fabulousness. Not even their nets could keep me down.”