10 Little Known Facts About Seattle Facebook Users

Located in the Pacific Northwest, you will find the awesome city of Seattle. Despite it being titled as a rainy city, it actually receives less on a yearly average than some east coast cities such as New York City to serve as an example. Many of your favorite ’90s bands exploded out of Seattle, and yes a lot of your favorite coffee brands also have humble beginnings in the city. The city is known for much more than this though, and we wanted to get to know Seattle a little better. Here are some interesting little known facts about Seattle’s Facebook users. Check out our findings below.


In the Seattle area, there are around 2,897,820 Facebook users. Women account for about 54% of those profiles. About 28% Seattle area Facebook users are between 25-34.



A lot of people, including myself, have read the Forbes article this year that ranked Seattle the most miserable sports city in the country. Despite facts such as its been just shy of a decade since the Mariners made the playoffs, and the Sonics were uprooted to Oklahoma City a few years back, there is still decent support for the sports teams in the area.

About 91,700 Facebook users in the area are fans of their hometown NFL team, Seattle Seahawks. Over 69,000 are fans of the American League Mariners. Over 48,000 are holding out hope that the SuperSonics will return to town someday. That’s not too bad Forbes, and that’s just the Facebook numbers.


About a quarter of Facebook users from the area have acknowledged themselves as college graduates. There are over 104,000 University of Washington grads residing around Seattle.

A couple more schools in the area include Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University. Over 25,000 graduates in the United States on Facebook earned their degree from Seattle University. There are almost 10,000 Facebook users in the Seattle area who attended and received degrees from Seattle Pacific University.


Rock band Heart got their start in the area. Heart has 21,460 fans on the site.

While the perception of ’90s grunge movement in all its flannel shirt, long hair, and ripped jeans glory can be argued good idea or not in hindsight, Seattle’s influence on the time period is undeniable. Pearl Jam and Nirvana both have about 21,000 fans in the area. Soundgarden has over 6,000 fans on the site. Former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl, and his new rock band the Foo Fighters have about 14,000 fans on the site.


As we look at the growing trend of digital media outlets, the Seattle Post Intelligencer went digital over a year ago. The Post Intelligencer has about 2,000 fans on Facebook in the area. The Seattle Times, which is available in both digital and print formats, also has an impressive 1,700 fans around Seattle. Do you have a prefer one over the other in the morning?

Food & Places

One of the biggest coffee chains in existence today that saw its beginning in Seattle was Starbucks Coffee. Starbucks has about 42,000 local fans. Legendary Pike Place Market has over 32, 400 fans looking for some fresh fish and other goodies. The Seattle Space Needle attracts people all over the world to the area, and it has about 8,500 native fans. Beth’s Cafe has over 4,500 Facebook locals flocking to it regularly for its delicious good eats. The Southwestern Exposure omelette is sounding pretty good right now.

Movies & Television

As much as I wanted to avoid it at the risk of sounding overly cliché was equal to my suprise when I found that 9% of locals enjoy Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s love story, Sleepless in Seattle. Singles, my favorite movie based around Seattle, has about 3,400 fans hometown fans. Anyone remember that Eddie Vedder cameo?

Although Disney television show iCarly is filmed in Hollywood, it is set in Seattle. iCarly is a favorite to about 11,000 hometown supporters. The Cheers spinoff show, Frasier, was also set in a Seattle and has about 3,080 fans in the area.


Seattle isn’t as much of a rainy city as one would image. It is a very active city, especially on Facebook. The city’s hotspots, sports teams, universities, and all aspects of local culture are heavily supported on the site. Seattle’s Facebook users are an excellent group that exhibit a great amount of hometown pride.