Season Premiere of ‘The Bachelorette’ Featured a Rape Joke

Not a good look for ABC.


ICYMI (and by looking at the TV ratings from last night, you probably did), another season of ABC’s raging hormones/douchey pick-up lines montage “The Bachelorette premiered last night.

People are talking about it for all the wrong reasons.

The catch for this season (to prevent it from jumping the shark) is that 25 suitors have not one but two beauties to impress, and they get to pick which one of the ladies ultimately becomes the “Bachelorette.” While Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe stand at the entry of “Bachelor Mansion” (AKA ‘Hook-Up Bodega’) with baited breath in anticipation of their would-be betrothed, one tool made sure he turned it up.

RYAN M., KAITLYN BRISTOWE, BRITT NILSSONRyan McDill stumbles out of the limousine, fueled by liquid courage and attempts to make a “first impression.”

He stripped down to his Speedo and got in a tussle with two other contestants as various internet sleuths revealed revealed the fact that he happens to be the ex-boyfriend of a former Bachelor winner, Nikki Ferrell. And while he spent much of the first night getting “all horned up” and “white boy wasted,” he decided to confront one of his fellow contestants with a rather crass line when questioned about grabbing one of the Bachelorette’s behinds:

“Why am I not raping you right now?”

Chris Harrison asked him to leave the show and social media had a few things to say about this #PRFail. ABC corporate might even pull the plug on this disaster. It would only be nine years overdue…