Search the Web and Help the Environment

climate_giftThere’s a new search engine in town that keeps on giving. And giving… yields the same type of results you’d expect from Google and Yahoo. What sets them apart is that they donate 50% of gross revenue to three highly-respected environmental organizations.

The project, started by the Search Engine Corp, aims to appeal to environmentally-minded businesses and individuals. Unlike most charitable efforts, you have the ability to help raise money 24/7.

The ClimateGift search engine also boasts an AJAX-built portal, enabling users to customize a homepage with news, games, widgets, etc.

Since most of us search the Web everyday, adding a layer of philanthropy is a nice touch. Currently, the three organizations benefiting from the project are:

* World Resources Institute, which endeavors to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people’s lives.

* Reef Check, which is dedicated to conservation of the tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs.

* Earth Island Institute, which develops and supports projects that counteract threats to the biological and cultural diversity that sustain the environment.

I like the concept, though I will admit, having to choose which of the three charities you want to support could be offsetting to some. Any initial hindrance can result in a high drop-off rate. Hopefully this won’t be the case.

Your initial homepage will be preset with enviro-podcasts, a Carbon Calculator, headlines and other green-type stuff.

If you’re a blogger or Website owner who digs the ideas, you can “greenify’ Web queries by placing a ClimateGift search widget on your Website. You can also promote the site by using linkable chicklets.