Search for PRWeek EiC Continues


The search continues at Haymarket Media for new Editor-in-Chief of the U.S. edition of PRWeek, since Keith O’Brien left for a position at the Attention agency in early April of this year.

The ad posted on NYU’s J-school listserv lays out a detailed 12-point job description including (paraphrased):

1. Keeper of the editorial vision

2. Hiring, managing, reviewing editorial staff

3. Responsibility for content in all its forms

4. Work closely with other departments to support the brand including sales, circ, events, and production

5. Remain calm and professional in the face of problems within and outside the company

6. Budgets

7. Be an industry thought leader: speaking, writing, etc.

8. Work with section and features editor to develop all content concepts

9. Plan and manage specials, supplements, and surveys with features & special projects editor

10. Oversee content for PRWeek’s Contact directory

11. Create and develop conferences, webcast and other live events

12. Develop new ideas for content, events, and other brand extensions, in conjunction with publishing and editorial director.

Shortly after O’Brien’s departure, the publication announced that the print edition would go from weekly to monthly, with a weekly digital edition and many of the same web features. PRWeek added guest bloggers, while pulling some of the beat and feature content behind the subscription wall.

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