Screw This. I’m Getting Into The Meat Business.

That might be what you’ll say if you’re an aspiring journalist who reads CareerCast’s ranking of the 100 best and 100 worst jobs of 2011.

The list put web developer at the 44th best job, behind dental laboratory technician and tax collector, but ahead of physical therapist and nuclear engineer.

Reporter is a sad 188, or 12th worst, ahead of jobs like EMT and roustabout, or people who perform physical labor on oil rigs.

A better job than being a reporter, as ranked by job outlook, stress, pay, and work environment, is being a butcher (182) or photojournalist (185).

Being an undertaker (124) is a better job than newscaster (128), and it’s better to be a barber (76) or an OSHA inspector (77) than an editor of a magazine (80) or an author (81).

And they’re all thanking their stars that they’re not a sewage plant operator (95), cashier (105) or receptionist (104), or an advertising account executive (106).

But it’s better to be that ad account executive than a forklift operator (112) or a PR executive (113).

Or a reporter.