Scour – The Social Search Engine that Pays You to Search

Social search engines haven’t really established its niche in the search engine market. And there are varied reasons for that. For one, social search engines are not really native search engine per se, because most of them just aggregates the search results of the three major search engines, repackaged these results and present it to users. New social search engine Scour does the same thing. As a social search engine, you can aggregate your search results or break it down per search engine. But what makes Scour special from other social search engine is the fact that it pays you to do your search.

Previously known as, Scour has evolved itself from a search engine with an AJAX backbone with a mission to deliver the most relevant results as efficiently as possible, to a new social search engine with an expanded mission of bridging the gap between searchers and relevant results by providing a platform for users to vote and comment on search relevancy. And as a social search engine, Scour lets its users connect with another to create a true social search community.

In order to make its search results as relevant as possible, Scour pulls all the relevant results from the three major search engines and let members to vote for these search results to determine their ranking in Scour’s search algorithms. The more votes a search results get relevant to a particular search term, the higher its ranking becomes for that particular search term.

Now, here’s the fun part. Scour also promises to pay you, everytime you use its search engine. One point is awarded to your every search you make. 2 points for every vote you make, and 3 points for every comment you make. When you’ve accumulated enough points, you can convert them into a $25 Visa gift card.

Scour, doesn’t promise to make you filthy rich by using its search engine. Its rewards system may not be that attractive but still is a good way to earn some extra dough. After all, search is a part of our life, why not make it part of our income-generating activities as well, right?