Scott Walker’s Comms Chief in Trouble for Mocking Iowa

Are you ready for intraparty fights over dumb jokes?

The 2016 election season has already started, but the first official event will go down on January 18th of next year in the form of the Iowa caucuses. It’s the reason why so many politicians who don’t actually live in or represent Iowa visit it so often before presidential campaigns.

Scott Walker, one of the leading contenders for the GOP nomination, made headlines yesterday for hiring strategist Liz Mair (who formerly directed online communications for the Republican National Committee) to lead digital comms for his campaign…and today for attracting scorn from state officials for that very decision.

Why? Mair thinks that all this focus on the state is kind of…lame. And someone within the opposing party’s strategic wing who doesn’t like her chose to reveal that fact, via a series of tweets, to various media outlets today.

Here’s one:

liz mair 1

…and here’s another as reported by the Des Moines Register:

liz mair 2

Mair has a pretty good point about a small group of party activists playing an oversized role in the “vetting” process. And these tweets are, of course, posted completely out of context.

But this is party politics, where a single someone with a bone to pick can easily ruin your week with a well-timed leak (as Dave Weigel revealed in Bloomberg today).

Walker’s advisor Rick Wiley tried to distance the campaign from its new digital spokesperson, telling the Register:

“Liz Mair was brought on to Our American Revival as an online consultant, not as a policy adviser. Governor Walker has had very substantive conversations with Iowans on issues important to them and will continue this dialogue through Our American Revival.”

Walker and Mair themselves have yet to respond to today’s stories, but we can confirm one thing: 2016 will be SO MUCH FUN!

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