Scientists Can Charge Your Nokia Phone With Lightning

Scientists are charging phones with simulated lightning, because… it’s the time of year for Frankenphone. Not that I will want to chase down a lightning storm in the Bay Area just to charge my phone since it has only happened twice since I moved here five years ago. However, the Nokia phone was able to get a full charge in just seconds so I could probably power my phone for at least a year with one San Francisco lightning storm. Another option is to get this lightning simulator.

We were amazed to see that the Nokia circuitry somehow stabilized the noisy signal, allowing the battery to be charged.

This discovery proves that the device can be charged with a current that passes through the air, and is a huge step towards understanding a natural power like lightning and harnessing its energy.

It’s one of the best wireless charging ideas I’ve seen to date that doesn’t require a charging pad, mat, or any sort of surface to surface touching. What do you think? Would you charge your phone with the power of 200,000 volts?

Obligatory safety note: This experiment was conducted under the supervision of scientists at the University of Southampton in a strictly controlled high voltage laboratory and should not under any circumstances be attempted outside of these conditions.