Schmid Takes the Reins at Thrillist DC

Joe Epstein, current editor of Thrillist’s Washington edition, announced this morning that he’ll be moving to New York to take a new gig with the company. Replacing him in DC is Leo Schmid. Epstein’s email below:

Hi All,

If you’re receiving this, you’ve been covered by, worked with, or in some way been a friend to Thrillist since our launch here in DC last June. Thank you!

In the 14 months since our start here, we’ve quintupled in subscriber size — shooting up from 10,000 to 55,000 local subscribers — making DC the fastest-ever growing edition of Thrillist. As a company, we’ve ballooned up to well over 2 million subscribers, gone international with the launch of Thrillist London, and now have 17 different editions, with several other cities in our immediate sights. In anticipation of our continued growth, I’ll be moving up to our main office in NYC to join our senior editorial ranks next week.

As of next Monday, Thrillist DC will be left in the capable hands of Mr. Leo Schmid (cc’d here).

I’ll still be reachable at the same cell and email, but Leo will be the man here, and the jumping off point for all our DC content. To that end, please reach out to him with your newest and greatest clients, products, tips, and story ideas. Or just to say hi.

Thanks again for your continued support, and here’s looking forward to an awesome Fall!